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peninsula pavers crew members at work site.At Peninsula Pavers, Inc. one of our main goals is perfection. We strive for it everyday on your projects, large or small. We take into account your visions of the design along with our ideas and come up with something that you the customer, and us at Peninsula Pavers, will love & take pride in. We build trust and friendships with every project we complete. Peninsula Pavers, Inc. hires only the best local and set our standards to exceed industry expectations.  

There is no better feeling leaving a job knowing that the customer is 100% satisfied with what was created for them. This is a small part of what you can expect when you deal with Peninsula Pavers, Inc.


“WOW” I have worked with a lot of “Landscape Architects” but “The Paver Guy’s” at Peninsula Pavers are the best I have ever worked with, period! They have done a number of projects for me but the job at The Apache Trout Grill was nothing short of spectacular. These are dedicated artisan to their craft."

-William M. Hovey Construction Management, Inc. Project Manager for: The Apache Trout Grill, Traverse City

retaining wall with multi tiers of flat stone

Retaining Walls

stone stairs with large rock accents, with custom brick paver walkway.


custom paver brick walkway.


custom pond with large stones encircling the pond, and a custom brick paver driveway.


5 Landscaping Tips To Reinvigorate Your Landscape

Let's face it, first impressions go far to make a good appearance. When people come over to your home or drive by your house, the first impression that they get looking at your home will last them a long time. Think back to when you were searching to buy your home. Consider how the first impression affected you. You either loved or hated the appearance of your home when you first saw it. If you want to make a great first impression but aren't quite sure how to go about it, you're going to love these ideas.



pruned shrubbery in landscape designOvergrown shrubbery can hide the beauty of your home. Take the time to  prune  it back and shape it where required. Remove brush that may be covering windows or blocking doors or the entry. Remove areas of shrubbery and bushes or trees that may overhang on railings, walkways, and other areas where they may hinder a person strolling through your yard. This is especially true of areas that have thorny bushes or shrubbery in them. Thorns can easily get caught in hair, on clothing and even on the skin and injure people. Trim or prune these back so that no one is hurt by plants seeming to reach out and grabbing people. Fill in empty areas or brown patches on a lawn and make sure that shrubbery is evenly spaced so that there aren't any empty areas that look out of place.

 Filling in empty areas  will give an even appearance to the landscaping. If you don't have the funds to buy more, consider separating out the ones that you do have. Propagation is often done by separating out larger groupings of plants. Consider soft lines such as semi-circles vs. square or sharp-edged lines. Add  mulch  to your garden spaces to freshen things up. This should be done on an annual basis or at the very least every two years. Mulch will work its way into the ground over the year. Use fresh bark, or other landscaping materials for mulch and see how it changes the appearance of the landscaping. Take the time to edge the yard and garden areas as well. This makes them appear far more maintained and gives a reinvigorated look to your yard.


Paint Flower Planters >>

brightly painted window with flower boxes

Paint planters to match the paint on railings, porches, and fences for an added element that features the yard and makes it look reinvigorated. A gallon of paint will go far in this tip. If you're particularly artsy, you may wish to go with a design or theme but keep in mind that less is more so just a coat of white  paint  will often do the trick to reinvigorate the landscaping.

While many choose white for this  project , you can also use other colors if you wish. Just remember that it should be uniform that is, don't do part of it one color and then a small section of another color unless you really want it to appear odd like that. Start small and work your way up if you're doing a lot of painting of elements in your yard and landscaping. Don't forget the trim on eaves and windows and doors. These are essential elements that can make a huge difference in how the landscape appears.


Use Multi-Color Floral Arrangements >>

Multi-colored flower arrangementAdd some splashes of color.  Flowers  are an ideal way to do this. Choose a theme of all one kind of flowers in varying shades, or choose one predominant color and mix and match the types of flowers for a unique twist. Flowers can line a path, design an element in a corner or fill in spaces where there needs to be a little something in the yard or landscaping.

Use planters and set them on a path that leads to the doorway or a patio. Use flowers as a feature in the yard and guide the visitor's eye to an area of interest. Drive around the neighborhood or another neighborhood and get ideas of which yards you like best and why. Then go home and  design  your own version using similar flowers. Flowers lend color and a fresh element to landscaping. They show new life, growth, and can do a lot for a yard that was boring or lagging. Even if you're just setting out a few flower pots here and there, you'll have an updated reinvigorated look for your landscaping.

You can also plant your  flowers from seeds  and watch them grow up. Do this either in groupings or in planters and design them yourself. Sit down and determine the different sizes and types of flowers and go from there to develop the flowers in your landscaping and you're sure to find something that pleases you. Taller flowers to the back and smaller shorter flowers to the front. There are many great ways to go about this that will give you a unique one of a kind look that is appealing to the eye.


Rotate Entryway Decor >>

welcoming entryway to your homeDrive through any neighborhood and take a look at the various entryways to the houses. Which ones stand out to you? Why do the ones that stand out to you stand out? Now go home to your house and take a look at your entryway and see how it compares. Your entryway says a lot about your home. It should appear warm and welcoming without overdoing it. Keep in mind that less is more. It should be inviting and comfortable without seeming to be overly busy. Keep the elements to a minimal. Consider seating if you have a  porch  that can accommodate a porch swing or a chair of some sort. A few plants and maybe one other simple element that isn't overwhelming.

Go seasonal and change your entryway  decor with the seasons . It's effortless to switch out flower planters and add bright colors during the spring and summer months and use fall floral arrangements or mums during the  fall . For winter you can decorate with other elements that celebrate the season.

Other fun entryway elements include such ideas as painting window frames, painting the front door. Adding subtle soft sounding wind chimes. Focus on simple elements and avoid overdoing it. Consider a rug if you have a covered porch. You may also want an accent table with a planter full of flowers or even a vase of flowers. For chairs or porch swings you may wish to have pillows or cushions that are weatherproof. Make sure that pillows or cushions are kept in the theme of color and style for your home to avoid overdoing it.


Outdoor Accent Lighting >>

home outdoor lightingThere are many different ways to do lighting in your landscaping. You can have lighting that sets off a specific area such as flood lighting or a spotlight, or you can use  LED lights  that line a path or set off a particular element in your yard. It can be used to illuminate features that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

Lighting can brighten up a dark corner, it can help to create a subtle ambiance in a garden or walkway. It can line the path leading to the patio, lighting can be as bright or as subtle as you desire. Lighting can also add an increased element of  security  to your yard and entryway.  Motion lights  work well for increased security and lower softer lighting works well for showing off specific yard elements or for an ambiance in a seating area or patio area.

Consider  "fairy" lights  in and around an area like the front porch or patio or even a flower garden. Fairy lights are small-sized lights that are typically light in colors such as white, yellow or soft subtle color. Smaller sized holiday lights are frequently used as fairy lights. They are a fun element to a flower garden, patio, porch or seating area. Just make sure that there is an electrical outlet nearby so that you won't have an unsightly cord to deal with or trip over when using fairy lights.


flowers atop retaining wall featureMix and match the 5 landscaping mentioned above tips to reinvigorate your landscaping, and you're sure to feel more confident about your yard. Your shrubbery and lawn will benefit from revitalizing it in the spring and fall. It will offer you a lush green appearance and guide the eye to the focal points that you wish people to notice. Flowers are a lovely touch that will help to guide the eye through the landscaping whether the flowers are in containers or in plantings in and around your landscape. Typically projects that reinvigorate the landscaping flow once you get going. Start small and work your way up and it should guide you on your path of  revitalizing your landscape. 

Add in some lighting to focus on your focal points and add some ambiance to other areas, and you're sure to feel that your yard and landscaping are revitalized without a lot of fuss. Paint will give everything a fresh new appearance. Even if you don't want to paint every year, it will help to spruce things up when you do. Add in painted containers for flowers and other plants, and you're sure to improve the appearance of your landscaping. There is no end to the possibilities of reinvigorating your landscape. All you need is some time, elbow grease and imagination.

Rotate your entryway decor to help keep your landscaping looking reinvigorated. While this may not seem to be an element in the landscape, it is still a vital component that will make the first impression when someone drives by your home. You want to take advantage of this, especially if you plan on selling your home soon. The more inviting it appears, the more likely you are to get some great offers on your home. Don't forget to rotate other seating areas of the landscaping with the change of seasons. If you have seating areas in a garden or patio be sure that you're keeping this updated through the season. Many people draw out their ideas on paper and then slowly work toward their goals in their yard for reinvigorating the landscaping.


Elk Rapids is a small village in the state of Michigan with a population of fewer than 2000 people. While it is one of the smaller areas in the state, it still has plenty to offer and is undoubtedly worth a visit if you are ever in the area. You will quickly find countless things to do to stay occupied for the duration of your stay in the peaceful and pleasant city of Elk Rapids.


Torch Lake

Torch LakeA local spot that is popular with both the residents and tourists,  Torch Lake  is one attraction in Elk Rapids that you merely need to see for yourself. The water that you will look at Torch Lake resembles that  blue ocean water  that you would find while vacationing in the Caribbean. While it may seem like water from the Caribbean, it is much colder yet still stunning. In fact, many people like to take photos of themselves hanging out on the stunning Torch Lake, posting those photos on social media for everyone to see.

If you are going to visit Torch Lake, there are plenty of things you can do there. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to sit out on the sand, hop on a boat and enjoy the view while riding on top of the water, or even get your feet wet.



Walk of Art Sculpture Park

Walk of Art Sculture Park Walk of Art Sculpture Park  is a fantastic place to visit if you are looking to get outdoors, enjoy some fresh air, and take in all the beautiful scenery. There are plenty of unique and beautiful sculptures spread out throughout the park for you to take photos of while you go on your walk. A trip through the park makes the average person around 30 minutes. During that time, you will spot numerous exhibits that are sure to spark up some interesting conversations. You can even sit down on the benches provided and have a delicious meal while soaking up the scenery.


The Best Businesses

Downtown Elk Rapids MIAside from some of its famous attractions, the small village is home to some of the best  businesses  in Michigan. While you are in Elk Rapids, Michigan, make sure you visit some of the highly-rated restaurants, such as  Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen , The Local, and  Harbor Café . If you would like to do a bit of shopping during your stay, you will have easy access to the  Harbor Antique Mall  where you can find all kinds of unique and valuable antiques.

The  village of Elk Rapids  is rather small, but it still has more than enough to offer to anyone who chooses to visit. If you decide to come to the area, make sure you check out some of these fantastic attractions and businesses.



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