Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to a slope that it would not naturally keep to. They are used to bound soils between two different elevations and engineered for more specific purposes like hillside farming or roadway overpasses.

3 Advantages of Waterfront Retaining Walls

Owning a waterfront home is a dream come true for most people. These homes offer homeowners some of the most breathtaking views Mother Nature could provide. Sure, waking up to the stunning sight of your favorite beach or the calm waters of the lake is priceless. However, these slices of paradise come with additional and unavoidable costs, some of which include constructing waterfront retaining walls. These are beautiful concrete walls built around a landscape for various reasons. The choice of waterfront retaining wall to form depends on the kind of water body the waterfront home borders. For large and deep water bodies, the waterfront retaining walls need to be high and strong enough to withstand strong tides. Regardless of the type of waterfront retaining wall, here are the advantages that come with constructing these walls around your waterfront home:

Every homeowner wants to keep their land well protected from the elements of soil erosion. Water, which is a significant cause of soil erosion, proves to be twice as lethal on land bordering a water body. Constructing a waterfront retaining wall may be the best way to keep your home from degradation by erosion.

Most waterfront homes are located next to water bodies that involve lots of activities. In the case of lakes, visitors will engage in activities like jet skiing and boat riding. Such actions are bound to generate waves, which will push against the soil on the shoreline. In turn, this causes break up, and the land disintegrates into the water.

As time goes, the shore becomes more of water and less of land. The erosion is devastating for waterfront homeowners, as the property is infringed by the day. As such, the proper construction and maintenance of a waterfront retaining wall help provide effective land erosion control.

It may seem all fun and luxury to own a waterfront home until the water levels rise. While the water levels can be predicted during normal conditions, it may be difficult to tell how much the water will increase during stormy conditions.

Torrential rains, which may bring floodwaters, often fall with little warning. Where waterfront homes situated close to the lakeshore, floodwater may find its way into such homes. In such occurrences, lots of property is damaged, and the home becomes inhabitable as well.

For waterfront homes located on river shores, floodwaters may cause the most significant damage. The raging waters carry debris that crashes on the beaches, destroying anything on the way. Constructing waterfront retaining walls, therefore, help keep away floodwaters and thus maintain the beauty of a waterfront home.

metal retaining wall on lake Michigan
flooded woods
stairway retaining wall

Waterfront retaining walls require less space to construct compared to other shoreline defenses like dikes. These shoreline defenses don't take up much space and therefore leave the homeowner with a significant amount of space to landscape. These walls are also cheaper to construct, unlike other shoreline defenses, and are therefore perfect options for the prevention of floodwater and erosion.

Waterfront homes are appealing to the eye, and owners take the necessary steps like constructing waterfront retaining walls to protect them and maintain their beauty. These walls help preserve the beauty of these homes by preventing flooding and land erosion and are therefore worth constructing.

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