Top 3 Simple Ways To Make Your Grass Beautiful


Pavers and Outside lightingThe beautiful grass is one of the features most homeowners desire. A majority of homeowners who are always striving for the perfect, lush-green lawn have always believed that mowing is the easiest way to go. However, the truth is that a lot goes into making your grass beautiful than just mere mowing. A beautiful lawn requires a dedicated effort incorporating regular maintenance, fertilization, watering, and the ability to handle problems as they come up.

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, then you naturally crave for some green grass that you can lay on and have time with the kids and pets. Also, beautiful grass will always be the joy and pride of your neighborhood. If you are looking to make your lawn attractive, here are some things you need to do.


3 Simple Ways To Make Your Grass Beautiful


1. Fertilize to Promote Good Health

Synthetic and well as organic fertilizer promote lush growth, prevent invasive pests and weeds, and strengthens roots. There are various fertilizers available, but most of them have potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen as the vital nutrients. Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for leaf growth, but an excess of it could result in excess growth, discoloration, and yard burn.

The most common types of lawn fertilizer include liquid and granule forms which could come in organic and synthetic blends. You could also choose between slow and fast-release fertilizers and combinations that contain pre-emergent controls for fighting weeds and crabgrass.

Granule fertilizer is best applied with broadcast spreaders so that it is evenly distributed on the grass. Before you can apply fertilizer to your lawn, it is essential that you have a soil test done to determine the nutrient deficient in your yard. This way, you will be better poised to known the right nutrient content to add to the grass. With balanced fertilization, you can quickly get beautiful grass on your yard.

2. Watering

If you want the grass on your lawn to remain lush, green during summer and all-year-round, watering is essential. However, it is important to note that the frequency of watering will depend on humidity and temperature. When your grass requires water, it will start having a blue-gray tint, and the old leaf blades will begin wilting or curling. And if you have just planted a new lawn, you will need to water daily so that the seeds can germinate quickly and form a stable root system. Fortunately, watering grass can be achieved with little hassle because you have the option to do it by hand and automatically.

3. Prevent The Weeds Before They Come Up

Beautiful Grass with PatioOne of the reasons why you might not achieve the lush green lawn you have always desired is if you let weeds take up its growing space. Once weeds have grown in your yard, it can be difficult to exterminate them, and the easiest way to go about it is to prevent them from even surfacing on your lawn. A pre-emergent herbicide can help stop weeds from gaining their foothold in the yard before they can even germinate. A pre-emergent herbicide can maintain control crabgrass and other difficult-to-eliminate weeds by preventing their seeds from sprouting.




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